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jersey. happening now starts right now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. now governor mitt romney is set to begin speaking any moment. you're looking live at a campaign rally outside milwaukee, wisconsin we're told the governor will deliver what his top aides are calling the start of his closering arguments to the american people. the message he will take to the battleground states across the country in the final four days. when the governor starts speaking we will take you there live. >>> also this fox news alert. the east coast slowly coming back to life, very slowly, after superstorm sandy but we see more heartbreaking scenes of destruction every day. mounting frustration as well over delayed relief. widespread power outages. huge gas lines. good morning, i'm jon scott. jenna: the storm has passed but this is not over. jon: the after math forever. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. "happening now" we have new information on the death toll that now stands more than 90. nearly four million homes and businesses still in the dark. across the region home after home completely dest
the night in ohio where he campaigns tomorrow. so hitting four states in one day. meanwhile governor romney is focusing on virginia. he has several events in that one state today. virginia also a key battleground state with 1 electoral votes up for grabs. there will be a quiz on all the electoral votes later, right, jon? mention each and everyone. there you go. john roberts is live in virginia with more for us now. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. tomorrow both president obama and governor romney will be in or around columbus, ohio. a testament to how important the state is. he is here in virginia was built on a site of the old meadow farms where the great secretariat was born. i will help you make your own analogis. whoever wins the commonwealth will win it by a nose. the governor pressing hard on economy today. "fox news poll" showing him with a nine point ad vage over the president. with mr. obama on the campaign trail governor romney is sharpening the contrast with the president who is best to bring back prosperity for the nation. >> do you want the four more years lik
former rival governor romney. more on that next. scientists say they can predict in newborns. we'll tell you what it is. a tire filing smash-and-grab robbery all caught on tape. it is all "happening now". jenna: this thursday we're awaiting a big meeting at the white house. we're glad you're with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall? jenna: wonder what is on the menu? jon: i guess we'll find out. president obama making good on campaign promise as he gears up for a sit down with governor romney, the first meeting since the election. the private luncheon set to begin hour and a half from now. white house correspondent ed henry is live. what is on the agenda, ed, do we know? >> reporter: white house officials say this will be a bit more personal. not necessarily a lot of business conducted in terms of fiscal talks and what not. they believe obviously this is the first time they have gotten together not just since the election but since the debate in boca raton, florida, over a month ago. first time they have been face-to-face. this is a long tradition
's the problem with that position. reality that was exactly mitt romney's position and he got spanked in the election. >> doesn't matter. >> he lost -- it does matter that's the reality of elections, there are consequences. >> he needs to lead. if something is proven even president simpson-bowles, if something is proven to work, don't look at electorate, look at polls. that is what politicians are doing. >> not looking at polls. what the voters have decided. >> voters want more jobs and raising taxes will not create more jobs. >> the voters decided on president obama's agenda. listen i think there has to be compromise, don't get me wrong. i think everyone has got to give but reality in terms of dealing with the big problems, particularly entitlement reform, tax reform, the republicans are going to have to give on revenue. they will have to give on tax increases. if they do not, i do not think there will be a deal. jon: right now government expenditures are gobbling up a huge percentage of our gdp something like 24%, chris. that's, at near historic highs. is that really the appropriate
'll turn to politics, a star in the gop with very frank advice for the party in the wake of governor romney's loss. what the republicans need to do some attract a broad base of voters. brand-new developments in the controversy over that nativity display in 4 santa monica. when a judge just ruled, live at the breaking news desk ahead. jenna: breaking news in the conflict between israel and hamas. straight to relan vittert live in israel with more. >> reporter: for the first time we are hearing on the record confirmation this coming from hamas to the reuters news agency that there is a cease-fire deal about to be announced, that cease-fire would take effect at midnight local time, which is just about four and a half hours from now, and that is when hamas says they will stop firing islamic jihad which is also in the gaza strip would stap firing and the israelis would stop their attack. that also means there is no israeli ground attack coming toward gaza. that of course had been the big fear that there would be a massive escalation. so far the death toll inside the gaza strip well over 120 pale
. governor romney won the support of 27% of hispanics. that is down from senator mccain in 2008. he got 31%. and that was down from the 44% president george w. bush got in 2004. clearly this is a trend that is worrying republicans. conservative columnists and fox news analyst charles krauthamer wrote in his column today hispanics should be a quote, natural republican constituency because they're often catholic and socially conservative for example, on issues such as abortion. krauthamer says it is time for the gop to shift tactics on immigration. he writes quote, it requires but a single policy change. border fence plus amnesty. yes, amnesty use the word. promise amnesty right up front. secure the border with guaranteed legalization to follow on the day the four border state governors affirm that legal immigration, illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle. president obama also has supported the dream act. legislation that would provide a way for young illegals, brought here by their parents, to gain legal status. and his administration said earlier this year that it would stop deporting
the gop is trying to figure out its next move after governor romney's loss on election day our next guest says the answer is, quote, staring them right in the face, recommending that party leaders look to republican governors who are doing big things around the country. he is the national journal hotline executive editor. you say republican governors out there have solved and confronted a lot of the issues that mitt romney was taking about or maybe not talking about. >> what is remarkable is there is so much soul searching taking place within the republican party especially on capitol hill when it's the governors that have outlined a conservative reform agenda. you look in new jersey when chris christie took office, he was able to pass even saoeultment reform, pension reform with the support of even some democrats who were initially opposed to him. you look at bobby jindal of louisiana who has taken over the republican governor's association and he was able to gain a claim for his leadership in the wake of hurricane katrina and ed indication reform. they are setting a model for how republ
the coverage for governor romney stayed about the same. let's check in with our news watch panel. judith miller is an investigative reporter, cal thomas is a syndicated columnist for "usa today," both are fox news contributors. we should point out that superstorm sandy came roaring in in that final week of the election, and the president was, you know, seen out there walking the beach with golf christie -- governor christie doing his job as president. judy, is that the whole reason for this disparity? >> no, that's not just the whole reason, jon. as we've talked about so often, shock, shock, the media are pro-obama. they are pro-liberal. but in this instance i have to say that it was really a reflection of the way the campaign was going. i mean, this was not a close election electorally. there were 100 electoral votes' difference. it was romney's to lose, and he was busy losing it particularly in the last week. and i think that the media coverage reflected his abysmal performance during that last week. jon: well, but, cal, some say that, you know, the campaign sort of got squeezed to the side b
department. >> the problem is the president of the united states in a debate with mitt romney said that he had said it was a terrorist attack. he hadn't. jon: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. she has more on all of this. so this shift in focus to the state department, what are we learning about that, catherine? report thank you, jon, and good morning. we may learn early as this week when secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about the warnings and intelligence leading up to the 9/11 attack on the consulate. on sunday talk shows leading republicans pointed to what they believe is the culpability of clinton's state department. >> why weren't the warnings about the need for security heeded? why weren't the requests for help during the terrorist attack answered? and why did the administration think it had to cover up all of the things that occurred before by putting out to the american people a narrative that i think will turn out to be absolutely false? >> reporter: republicans have left the door open for ambassador rice to e
, that said, 47% of the american people voted for mitt romney and the points that he was making during the campaign. don't those folks have any kind of say in this? >> sure absolutely. i think, the country wants, i think as the president said, that he got a mandate for action and i think it is now going to come down to his leadership along with the house and senate leaders and obviously all the rank-and-file in the house and senate to come up with a deal. i think this can get done the next six months. i don't think the math is hard. i think politics gets hard. there is much more unanimity something has to get done. time to get it done. right after election, beginning of a 4-year presidential term. i'm optimist that the two parties come together that they con work together and work this through. rick: bill kristol was on the program and he said he personally doesn't think it will kill the country to raise taxes on millionaires. that is what his thinking is. did bill kristol give republicans cover, washington on capitol hill, saying what he said about raising taxes on the rich? >> i don'
ads against obama and romney and all the candidates for month after month, and now you're getting a little sense of relief that we're back to normalcy. rick: you know, okay. so the role that consumer confidence can play, because i remember talking to you, gee, must have been like 2009, and the president had just taken office, and the economy was really on a downward slide. >> right. rick: and consumer confidence was low, and a lot of people like you said that that was contributing to the slide, the fact that people had such anxiety about the economy. so conversely, if people are starting to feel good about things, what kind of a role can that have in our overall recovery which has been so sort of slow up to this point? >> well, it's a great point, rick. i mean, there is a kind of psychology do this economy. if people are feeling gloomy and afraid, they're not going to go out and spend. so the fact that people are feeling -- by the way, i don't want to overemphasize this because, you know, these numbers on consumer confidence, as you know, they bump up and down. but i think right n
willingness to do all those things. remember mitt romney criticized barack obama during the campaign for cutting medicare by $716 billion. democrats reformed entitlement programs. we're not scared about that but it has to be done as part of a broader package and i think we're making progress. jon: well the criticism specifically i think people have heard that he cut medicare and then used that money in obamacare but that is kind of a different issue. chris, let's take a look at some statistics. i think though kind of illustrate really what the problem is with medicare and social security, if you go back to 1940, the number of years of life expectancy beyond retirement for men and women was about 14 years. you retire at 65. start, you could in those days start receiving benefits at 65. you would live about 14 more years. these days you're living to 85. so the payouts go on way beyond what the program was originally designed for. also, in 1945 you had about 41.9, almost 42 people paying into the, what is it called, old age, security and disability insurance. that is the official name f
second debate with governor romney? and we now know in an interview with "60 minutes" on the sail day he explicitly refused to characterize the attack this way? and he then spent nearly two weeks putting the emphasis on a spontaneous protest to a hateful video including in his address to the united nations on september 25th? why did our ambassador to the united nations in interviews five days after the attack also try to blame on the hateful video when it was clear from the earliest hours of the attack that it was sophisticated, that it was a sophisticated offensive? that no protest ever occurred outside of our consulate in benghazi and if ambassador rice was relying on intelligence assessments as she insists, why were those assessments so dramaticly at odds with the earliest reports from our people on the ground? most importantly, why does the administration still appear to have no policy to deal with the fact that al qaeda and affiliated groups have established sanctuaries in eastern libya, a country that we helped to liberate and which elected pro-american government that is eager for
polls suggesting seniors favored mitt romney by 56-44% show they didn't reject republican ideas on changing medicare. today's meeting just the first in a series before mr. obama meets with congressional leaders on friday. he will meet with business leaders and civic leaders tomorrow and. as part of a different strategy that he used in last year's deficit reduction talks that failed when he and leaders of congress holed up here at the white house and spent late nights trying to hammer out an agreement. this time the president will use public pressure and public appearances in addition to white house arm-twisting to make it clear that the voters agreed with his plan to end bush administration tax cuts for upper income people. jenna? jenna: private arm-twisting, public statements. we'll see if the strategy works this time. wendell, thank you. rick: coming up, we talked about how u.s. shale, that is kind of sedimentary rock, may hold the key to our country's energy independence. now, find out the region of the country that could see a major boom because of it. >>> also the iran nucl
tomorrow when republican mitt romney has been invited to have lunch with the president here at the white house. their first post-election meeting, jon. jon: wow! what is the latest from republicans on what the president has to say today? >> reporter: speaker john boehner just had a news conference on capitol hill and he expressed frustration because he is saying look, republicans put some tax revenues on the table but what they see the democratic side trying to pull entitlement reforms like medicare off the table. john boehner basically saying he thinks the spending situation is sort of a freight train that is coming at the nation right now. republicans senator mitch mism the leader in the senate -- mitch mcconnell blasted the president of saying he is doing is too much campaigning and not governing. take a listen. >> it is over. he won. congratulations. we have a hard deadline here however. and it is still, he is still out on the campaign trail, kind of celebrating. this is the problem. if the president really wants to reach an dwreechlt he needs to be talking with members of his own pa
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)